CS 102 Object-Oriented Programming

Spring 2018

This is the webpage of the CS 102 Object-Oriented Programming course at Özyegin University.

Lectures: Tue. 08:40-10:30 and Thu. 09:40-11:30 in room AB1 238.

Instructor: Baris Aktemur.
Office hours: Tuesday 10:30-11:30 and Wednesday 10:30-11:30, in room AB1 109.



  • Meriç Öztiryaki (meric.oztiryaki@ozu.edu.tr).
    Office hours: Monday 13:30-14:30 in room 414B.
  • Güneş Büyükgönenç: Tuesday 10:40-12:30 in room 240A.

Discussion and Announcements

Go to http://www.piazza.com/ozyegin.edu.tr/spring2018/cs102.