Mumbo is an object oriented language supporting run-time program generation. It is a simplified model of Jumbo. Mumbo is implemented using Maude 2.1. It can be compiled to LowLevel code, which is a 3-address language implemented again using Maude. You can find all the necessary files in this zip bundle.


Maude> in mumbo.maude

will load the main file, which automatically loads other necessary files, like syntax,semantics and preprocessing stage.

Maude> in mumbo-optimization.maude

will load the files and the modules necessary to use the interactive loop.

Maude> in mumbo-examples.maude

contains some examples that illustrate how to use the interactive loop to optimize code generators.

Maude> in lowlevel.maude

will load the files necessary to use the lowlevel language.

Maude> in lowlevel-examples.maude

will run some Mumbo examples which were compiled to lowlevel.

File list

The following is the list of files contained in the source bundle.

Mumbo files:

  • mumbo.maude
  • mumbo-syntax.maude
  • mumbo-preprocess.maude
  • mumbo-semantics.maude
  • mumbo-compiler.maude
  • mumbo-optimization.maude
  • mumbo-analyses.maude
  • mumbo-transformations.maude
  • mumbo-examples.maude

LowLevel Files:

  • lowlevel.maude (includes syntax and semantics)
  • lowlevel-compiler.maude
  • lowlevel-examples.maude